Create a Lasting Impression with Slate Roofing

Once you experienced a long, hard winter and a wet spring, you may discover the time has come to consider new roofing materials. It is a hassle to do so. Therefore, you want to have a good job done and never have to do it again. One can achieve this goal by selecting a durable material such as slate.

The high-end material might be costly but also long-lasting. It's been said that slate is the preferred material for homeowners for centuries already. Materials like these that showed it stood the test of time should be on your list.

Discover the costs and basics surrounding slate roofing can and if it will work for your house.

What are the costs associated with slate?

Slate is expensive and can be anywhere between $15 to $30 per square foot installed. Apparently, the figure is around five times more than that of traditional roofing materials. However, the slate will easily last up to 150 years if not longer.

What makes slate interesting?

For one, it is a metamorphic stone that is found in quarries around North America, Brazil, and the UK. No other product will match the durability, fireproof qualities, and high-end appearance like slate does. What is more, the slate is dense and exceptionally tough.

What Are Some of the Benefits to Using Slate?

It is available in natural colors, a variety of thicknesses, different sizes, and it makes allowances for architectural customization. Some homeowners would mix different earthy tones to create a functional pattern with slate tiles. The color of the slate has a lot to do with the quarry where it originated from. Hues often vary from green to gray to purple.

Slate is made to withstand the worst weather that creates is an excellent roofing choice for different regions across America. Even for those who experience all sorts of weather patterns where they are. They have to contend with hurricane force winds, large flying debris that got picked up by a tornado that stands to cause a lot of damage to high-quality coverings.

What is really lovely about slate is that it's made from fireproof materials. Even though the wood decking that is installed under the slate is not fireproof, fires that get transferred from one area to the next seem to have not to effect on slate materials.

Appearance - Another plus to slate is its beauty and the classy, yet celebrated appearance.

Furthermore, homeowners are spoilt for choice in that they can play around with varying sizes, thicknesses, a range of colors such as red, black, green, gray, and mottled tiling that sports different colors mixed all together.

Longevity - Slate is said to last for more than a century. This is a huge plus in the roofing industry where most materials only last from 20 to 30 years before you need to replace it.

Disadvantages - Slate is very costly, which is one of the biggest cons. Also, you cannot get just anyone to install this kind of materials. When you enlist the services of a slate roofing contractor, you need to ensure they are experienced and have many excellent references from happy clients. Only high-end installation materials, coupled with a well-planned design and a quality installation would be acceptable.

Adequately selected high-end-slate materials are what specialists should use for your new roof project. This way it shows they have pride in the work they do.

What About Maintenance?

Slate is the kind of material that is highly resistant to different temperature fluctuations that are not easily affected by mold or fungus. Unfortunately, it is the type of material that can shed a tile or two at times.

Homeowners must get into the habit of inspecting their slate roofing yearly to check if any tiles came loose, are broken, missing or cracked. In such instances, they should be replaced immediately.

Sustainable Materials

There is no doubt in any contractor’s mind that slate is made to outlast anything else. What is more, it is recyclable as they manufacturer it from reclaimed slate. If you make use of this type of material, then you will experience savings as to when you make use of a new slate. On an environmental level, the slate is long-lasting, which leads to less wastage.

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